SE::Pile V2015.06.01

Design prestressed concrete pile

Design prestressed concrete pile

SE::Pile is a computer program for prestressed concrete pile design. This program computes pile section P – M interaction diagrams considering slenderness of the pile. There are interaction diagram charts published many years ago for certain types of prestressed concrete piles. However, the charts are not user friendly especially when you have many loads to check for the pile. Capacity of the pile has to be read off the chart manually. This can be time consuming and inaccurate. In most cases, slenderness of your piles may be different from those plotted on existing charts. Besides, existing charts are limited on choice of resistance factors, number of strands, concrete strength and pile size etc.

Friendly User Interface

Dynamic Unit System

Pile Capacity Considering Slenderness Effects

User Defined Strand Stress Strain Model

Convenient Design Loads Check

Support All Prestressed Concrete Pile Section Geometry

Interaction Diagrams with Multiple Slenderness

User Defined Resistance Factors

The Only Prestressed Concrete Pile Design Program Available

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SE::Pile V2015.06.01

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